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JACE Philosophy

The Japan-Asia Cultural Exchange Association, commonly known as JACE, was born in March 2001 in Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture.

Initially, he was developing direct relief activities while giving lectures mainly on the relief of socially vulnerable people such as social problems, handy cappers, and bullying problems in Japan.

After investigating the tense situation of North Korea’s nuclear issue, Masahiro Sakata, the founder of the association and a modern table, thought that not only did he rely on the United States, but we Japanese are our own country. I think we have to prepare to protect. Shouldn’t the problems of our own country be solved by our own country ? In order to promote Japan’s independence, we believe it is important to establish credibility with Asian countries and the people who live there, and to establish better relationships.

So how should we develop our activities? We think that by opening branches of the Japan-Asia Cultural Exchange Association (JACE) in all 48 Asian countries, we will build friendly relations between nations at the private level and create a circle of friendship that transcends the barrier of nations. We believe that we will expand and strive to coexist and co-prosper with Asia as a community in the future, and we have been active so far.

Masahiro Sakata

Greetings from the President

In pursuit of peace for the people of the world, cooperation with various people, organizations and governments will be indispensable. In August 2018, the Japan-Asia Cultural Exchange Association acquired her independent NPO in the United States in New York City, where the United Nations headquarters are located (Japan Asia Cultural Exchanges, Inc.).

Every year at the United Nations Headquarters, many NGOs, diplomats and government officials meet to discuss the future of the world. By setting the headquarters in such a place, we will be able to grow as JACE and carry out projects that can help more people.

JACE will carry out activities to eliminate poverty by delivering the necessary support where it is needed through the three goals of education for children, improvement of human rights of women, and support for HIV patients, which are the original goals of the United States.

One of the projects we are currently working on is the need for a system to recognize more women who are working hard at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, which was also held last month at the United Nations Headquarters in New York (for example, famous). I would like to convey the need for support so that everyone can work more vigorously, both inside and outside the United Nations, by commending women who work hard in various positions, not just from various companies and organizations.

理事長 坂田 眞啓

Educational background
Major:Philosophy in Arts and humanities Administration

Social worker, Ph.D. Representative director of an NGO that supports HIV patients and women through education, financial independence, and raising awareness of human rights with the aim of eradicating poverty and world peace. In addition to Japan, she serves as the representative director of NPOs in the United States, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Ghana, and Hong Kong.

Group information

United Nations(NGO) Japan Asia Cultural Exchange
Common name
Sister organization (Japan-US Cultural Exchange Association) (Jace)
Date of establishment
April 23, 2003
Purpose of establishment
To contribute to world peace and the development of Asia by conducting projects to support poor children in Asia through cultural exchanges for people in Asian countries, and by working to prevent the increase in the number of people infected with AIDS in the Asian region.
320-0033 10-19 Honcho, (UN Building) Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture
contact address
TEL +81-28-348-3666 FAX +81-28-348-3666


JACE Establishment
Obtained an activity permit in Bangladesh, which is officially licensed as the Japan-Asia Cultural Exchange Association
Get permission to work in Cambodia
Started activities in Cambodia, Pakistan and Bangladesh
Obtaining certain results from vaccination projects in the Kampongchan region, Cambodia, which has been active since 2003
This aims to prevent and reduce HIV infection in Japan
Making plans to build Japanese language school
Asian countries (Thailand, Cambodia, Bangladesh)Assistance project for poor children Princess Pitipa Boazibanka became the Honorary Representative of Cambodia. After nearly two years of observing and surveying the area, a private Japanese language class was launched in May. About 5 students
Opened JACE Academy in Phnom Penh city, Cuba Ampau District, Cambodia and Opening Ceremony held in Cambodia.
Initially, we teach three subjects such as Japanese, English, and computers, and most of the teachers are volunteers.
The speech will be broadcast nationwide in Cambodia on TV newspapers, etc.
Support projects for poor children in Asian countries (Thailand, Cambodia, Bangladesh)
Business to curb the growth of AIDS-infected people in Asian countries.
March 1 With the addition of the Phnom Penh Japanese Language Center, which has the oldest and longest history of Japanese language education in Cambodia for about 6 years, it will become the largest Japanese language selection school in Cambodia with 3 schools.
Japanese language school management (Cambodia)
Reducing the sentences of Japanese prisoners in a prison in Bangkok, Thailand
Japanese language school management (Cambodia)
Japanese language school management (Cambodia)
Japanese language school management (Cambodia)
Has established a federation of nine partner organizations in Cambodia.
Support for HIV positive women.
International Asia Conference proposes to form Cambodia as an Asian country for peace, security and economic stability of 42 Asian countries.
Participated in the 35th Annual Exchange Meeting of the Japan-China Peace and Friendship Agreement.
Attend Cambodia Independence Day
Started crowdfunding project (To introduce solar power generation system to elementary schools in areas where power lines are not drawn in Cambodia).
Attendance at the United Nations Women’s Conference.
Dinner with UN Ambassador to Uganda. Pledge of friendship between Japan and Uganda through cultural exchange between each other’s countries.
Activity report at United Nations Headquarters.
Solar Lantern Plan for Gaza shelter.
Launch of Hong Kong NGO.
Changed JACE Cambodia logo
Participation in a briefing session on Palestinian government support for Gaza Strip Jack and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency participate for Palestine Refugees).
Hand over the solar lantern to the Palestinian embassy.
Attend of the Cambodian Red Cross.
Supporting the Gaza Strip with solar lanterns
Attend UN conference
Attend the Embassy of Nepal.
Disaster relief in Nepal.
Clean up the garbage mountain in Cambodia and used that garbage Make for the power plant. Trying to improve the surrounding polluted Environment. Income from sale of electricity to the government.(Hospitals, HIV laboratories, universities for HIV victims and orphans, universities for the poor, multi-protection facilities etc.)
Electricity made from garbage, Regional Development plans to build a comprehensive welfare center with money earned from the sale of electricity.
Open a free school for Ghana people living with HIV.
Collect donations to establish the Cambodian HIV Research Center.
Cambodia HIV Research Institute Construction Plan (Establishing an HIV research institute, aiming to develop new HIV drugs at an early stage and provide conventional life-prolonging drugs at low cost)
Established a new office in Utsunomiya City
Began to establish a Japanese language school.
Proposing the World Women’s Career Award.
Established Japanese language school, Start of documents preparation Check for immigration bureau.
Preparation of application for New York office begins.
Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (high school official) visits Japan and inspects the school.
Application for New York Office.
Acquire New York office corporation.
Visit to Beijing.
Visit to the United Nations in NY.
Attendance at UN WOMEN (NY).
Attend of the Cambodian Red Cross.
Visit to the Embassy of Yemen (Japan).
Established Japanese language school, Start of document preparation for immigration bureau examination (reapplication).
American corporation registration completed.
Cambodia Orphanage to be a subsidiary of Jack(JACE NGOs ACADEMY).
Visit to part of Bangladesh.
Reiwa Chrysanthemum presents letters to the embassies of each country (Japan).

Congratulation Source of presentation project the “Juuroku Yae Omote Kiku”.
〇Embassy of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Japan
〇Embassy of Indonesia in Japan
〇Embassy of Bangladesh in Japan
〇Embassy of Laos in Japan
〇Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Japan
〇Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal in Japan
〇Ambassador of Kuwait to Japan
〇Embassy in Ghana
〇Palestine Resident General Representative in Japan

Visit to the United Nations
Masks have been donated to Utsunomiya City Nishihara Primary School for all students and staff.
The mask has been donated to Osaka Prefecture Seikai Noe Hospital.
Made in Japan Covid-19 Arrangement.

PR activities in each country for the ostrich egg yolk antibody spray nasala.
〇South Korea
Tochigi International Exchange Center「Tochigi Multicultural Forum」Participation and set up a booth for Introducing the culture of Congo and Bangladesh.

UN WOMEN (NY) attendance at remote Conference.
until now.