What Japan and the world can do for future children and started from food

Children Foundation Project

《For the children of the future, what can do Japan or the world》
Spreading organic rice flour and nutrition for children!

Purpose of this project  JACE President  Masahiro Sakata

We Japanese must be prepared to protect our country.

The first challenge is to keep the children healthy. Isn’t the most important thing for that?
Looking at school meals, many children with allergies have become a problem in the field of education.
Many children who cannot eat bread due to allergies. Countermeasures against wheat allergens are an issue.

JACE has launched a gluten-free organic rice flour promotion project in partnership with its member agricultural businesses. Rice farming has contributed to the development and maintenance of local communities with the technology that Japan is proud of. As for the agriculture, the number of successors is decreasing, and the number of abandoned cultivated land is urgently needed due to a series of abandoned farming and business closures.


  • ①Disseminate and enlighten the cultivation technology of highly processable organic brown rice and distribute processed products.
  • ②I would like to donate gluten-free rice flour-related foods to “Kodomo Shokudo” (children’s cafeteria) nationwide.
  • ③We will solve the familiar social problem of “kodomo no shokuseikatsu hinkon” (children’s dietary poverty). Depending on the environment in which you were born and raised, you will be able to have a nutritionally balanced diet.
  • ④Solve the problem of abandoned cultivated land.
  • ⑤Promote the export of rice flour and save children from hunger. We will expand this JACE model from Asia to the world.

If the number of energetic children who can entrust the future increases, the local community will naturally become energetic. JACE begins with “food” to develop global human resources so that Japanese children who are physically and mentally healthy can play an active role in various countries around the world.

We ask for your participation and donations.