Membership system

Membership system

We are looking for individuals, groups or corporate members who are interested in JACE’s activities.

Participate in activities in line with the SDGs as a UN organization. Through activities such as support activities for women in Asia and the United Nations, you can connect with the world and gain self-satisfaction.
For businesses like companies, participating in international activities increases corporate value and motivates employees. It is JACE’s desire to expand its business by leveraging its extensive international human network.

Individuals and corporations may register as members on the recommendation of existing members and conduct international activities as members of the United Nations.

Membership fee, etc.

Individual member
Admission fee 100,000yen
Annual fee 12,000yen
Group member
Admission fee 500,000yen
Annual fee 60,000yen

*The annual membership fee will be billed in April.
*Up to 5 members of the registered group can conduct the activities of the United Nations.

Member benefits

  • Member batch ・Granting business cards
  • Member batch 10,000yen Business card 5,000yen (100 pcs) Actual cost
  • Can conduct UN activities as a member.
  • Members can suggest and propose activities to the International Association.

Total member
Bangladesh 30 persons, Cambodia 60 persons, Laos 10 persons, Denmark 30 persons, Japan 50 persons, Total 180 persons.
Individual 180 persons, Member 80 persons, Supporting member 100 persons