Privacy Policy

JACE NGOs fully understands the importance of protecting personal information, and observes all applicable laws and regulations relating to privacy protection. We have designed this Privacy Policy to explain how we safeguard your privacy.

Handling of personal data

We will keep your personal information accurate and up to date. To prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, or leakage of your personal information, we will take necessary measures such as maintaining and developing our security system, and thoroughly educating our employees, and will implement safety measures to strictly manage your personal information.

Purpose of Use

Personal information we receive may be used to send emails and materials as a means of contacting you, providing our business information, and answering to your questions.

Providing Information to Third Parties

We will manage your personal information properly and will not provide your personal information to any third party except where such disclosure.

  • ・Is admitted by your advance consent,
  • ・Is to the companies to which we outsource our business in order to provide the service requested by you.
  • ・Is in accordance with our required by applicable law.

About “Cookies

JACE NGOs uses “Cookies” ? small files that the web browsers store on your computer ? for some of our contents. to manage access to and use of our site, recognize your preferences and to facilitate effective site administration.

  • ・Cookies are information that is stored in your browser when you access the site, but that does not contain personal information such as your name or e-mail address.
  • ・We may use the information in Cookies to deliver effective advertisements to those who access our site and for access analysis.
  • ・You can disable Cookies by setting your browser.

Security measures for personal information

We have taken all possible measures for security to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information.

Inquiries about your personal information

If you wish to inquire about correcting, or deleting your own personal information, we will respond to the request after confirming your identity.

Complying with laws and regulations

We will comply with laws in Japan and regulations and other norms applicable to personal information in its possession and will review and improve the contents of this policy as appropriate.

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Contact for Inquiries about the Handling of Personal Information.

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