Results of Activities

Activities as an NPO corporation

Masahiro Sakata, founder and current director of the association, used his experience in relief work for the disabled and vulnerable groups in Japan in 2002.
The Japan-Asia Cultural Exchange Association was established in Tochigi Prefecture.

The following year, in 2003, we succeeded in a vaccination project in Cambodia, and the following year we opened a private Japanese language school. Initially, we provided free tuition and education materials because we wanted to educate poor children as much as possible.

Initially there were only five students, but three years later it became the largest Japanese language school in Cambodia with three schools.
At this time, Princess Pitepaboa Jibonka was appointed as the Honorary Representative of the NPO Corporation that was Snow Quality NPO Corporation in Cambodia. Behind the focus on preventing HIV infection overseas, If the living standards and environment of Asian countries around Japan are not improved, infectious diseases will be brought to Japan. We believe we can reduce the risk of damage, which will help protect Japan.

The Nichia Cultural Exchange Association as an NGO, we have supported the Japanese people abroad in ways that make the most of their characteristics. In 2008, he emphasized the need to reduce human rights abuses against Japanese prisoners in Bangkok, Thailand.
Since 2011, we have launched a private fund in Japan called Micro Credit, a small business aimed at liberating women from poor families. Since this time, the association has been making more efforts to improve the status of women.

Reiwa Chrysanthemum letters to the embassies of each country

As a JACE NGO, As a courtesy, we have sent letter Reia Chrysanthemum to the embassies of the countries with which we have close relations of peace and friendship.
It was made in collaboration with a flower shop in Tochigi Prefecture in Prayer for Reiwa Transformation, and when I saw the real thing, the people at the embassy were very happy to see the wonderful thing, and it was like seeing it in the rain.
It was a wonderful experience that connected a single chrysanthemum friendship. I would like to thank all the staff of the embassy for their cooperation.
(Managing Director Satoshi Suzuki)

  • 〇Embassy of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Japan
  • 〇Embassy of Indonesia in Japan
  • 〇Embassy of Bangladesh in Japan
  • 〇Embassy of Laos in Japan
  • 〇Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Japan
  • 〇Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal in Japan
  • 〇Ambassador of Kuwait to Japan
  • 〇Embassy in Ghana
  • 〇Resident General Representative of Palestine in Japan

Other activities


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